Archaeological AreasExplore the Ancient Thassos

arxaiologikoi xwroi

Archaeological areas

The Archaeological Museum: In the Museum, rich collections of archaeological findings from the occasional excavations, are kept and exhibited. It is considered one of the most important regional museums in Greece. Remarkable samples of architecture, exceptional works in ceramics, sculpture, micro plastics, earthen statuettes originating from various eras, coins, embossed images, multiform vessels and a multitude of other objects allow us to form an opinion on the institutions, the life, the manners and the cultural tendencies of the inhabitants of the island during the ancient times. In this area, the sanctuary of Artemis, the Artemisium, existed. In the Roman era (1st century B.C.) a monumental entrance was added.

One more museum is located in Potamia. It is the museum of Polygnotos Vagis. P. Vagis (1894-1965) a Thasian emigrant, was considered to be one of the most eminent sculptors in United States where he lived from 1930 to 1965, and where he died. His works adorn many museums in United States.