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Cultural Events

Prinos: The religious festivity of St. Panteleimon on the 27th of July. At Megalos Prinos (Megalo Kazaviti), a religious festivity of St. Apostles on the 27th of July and at Mikros Prinos (Mikro Kazaviti) the religious festivity of St. Georgios. In all the festivities the traditional meal “kourbani” is offered free of charge. The KAZAVITIANA is a set of festivities that take place at Mikros Prinos (Mikro Kazaviti) and in which traditional groups of artists perform during July and August.

Rahoni: The religious festivities of Panagia on the 15th –16th August, and at St. Georgios of Profitis Ilias on the 20th of July and of St. Georgios.

Potamia: The religious festivity of Zoodohos Pigi on the Easter Friday.

Panagia: The famous festivities of Panagia on the 15th of August.

Limenaria: The religious festivity of St. Georgios on Easter Tuesday.

Limenas or Thassos: During the summer performances of ancient drama and concerts are given, in the context of the Festival of Philipi – Thassos.