Useful InformationΜεταφορές & Καθημερινότητα

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Taxis: There are taxis in every village of the island.

Car Rentals: In the island there are companies for car and bike rentals.

Entertainment: There are music halls in Thassos (Limenas), in Prinos, in Limenaria, in Potos and in Panagia.

Markets- shops: In the island there is an abundance of shops for your purchases. The products are olive oil, olives (variety: Thasitiki throumba), fruit-desserts and honey.

Banks: In Thassos, in Skala of Prinos, and in Limenaria.
Health Care: In the city of Thassos and in the large villages there are doctors of various specialities and pharmacies. At Prinos there is a State Health Centre and a pharmacy. Thassos also has a special ambulance-boat for the transfer of emergency and severe cases to the hospital of Kavala.

By boat: Thassos is connected to continental Greece by means of three sea-routes, which are conducted by ferries. The small duration of the trip offers the traveller the enjoyment of a pleasant sea trip. One line conducts the route Keramoti-Thassos (Limenas) (6 naut. Miles, duration 30-40 minutes). The second line conducts the rout Kavala – Skala Prinou (18 naut. Miles, with a duration of 75 minutes). The third line conducts the route Nea Peramos – Skala Prinou (18 naut. Miles, with a duration of 75 minutes). Nea Peramos is located 20 km west of Kavala on the highway Egnatia Odos. All the ferries depart in regular time intervals and during summer their routes are more often due to the heavy traffic.

By land: All the road network of the island is paved with asphalt. The main arterial road is the ring-road “Round of the Island”, the length of which is 98 km. Inside the island the traffic is conducted by means of buses, which have terminals in Limena (Thassos) and in Skala Prinou, and they arrive at all the villages of the island, but also at the beaches and they provide connection routes upon arrival or departure of ships. However, three times a day, buses follow the “Round of Thassos”, taking the inhabitants and the visitors to the villages at the seashore, but also to all the beaches.
This way the visitor may come aboard the morning bus, stop at any village at the seashore or at a certain beach that he wishes to visit and he can take the evening bus and carry on with the tour. The departures take place at regular hours, which during the summer are more often.

Transportation by air: Thassos does not have its own airport and it is served by the airport MEGAS ALEXANDROS, which by favourable coincidence is located at the shore across the island and near the port of Keramoti, in the plain of Chrysoupoli. During the summer months, there are several flights departing from the most important airports in Europe. In about one hour the passengers can arrive from the airport to Thassos. Another possibility is the airport “MAKEDONIA” in Thessaloniki.